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Structure Strengthen

Structure Strengthen

SikaWrap®-300 C NW

SikaWrap®-300 C NW is a unidirectional, stitched, carbon fiber, fabric (sheet) for the dry and wet application process.

Uses: Strengthening of reinforced concrete structures, brickwork and timber to increase flexural and shear load capacity.

  • Improved seismic performance of masonry walls
  • Substitute missing / corroded reinforcement
  • Strength and ductility of columns
  • Increasing loading capacity of structural elements
  • Changes of building utilisation
  • Structural design construction defects
  • Seismic movement
  • Improved serviceability
  • Structural upgrading to comply with changed standards

Characteristics / Advantages:

  • Excellent fiber alignment (no deviation of load carrying fibers)
  • Multifunctional use for every kind of strengthening requirement
  • Flexibility of surface geometry (Beams, columns, chimneys, piles, walls, silos)
  • Low density for minimal additional weight
  • Economical compared to traditional techniques
  • Excellent cost performance

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